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Wendy Gell Jewelry and Art

I'm so excited to be updating my website! I'm doing this a little at a time, but rather than do a regular Under Construction page, I wanted to share some of my recent jewelry pieces and bridal jewelry, custom adorned wedding goblets and more to add bling to your wedding or for a unique, one of a kind wedding gift. Click the links below to explore what's available now and to see examples of what I can for you with a custom order.

Image link for Wendy Gell's Fashion jewelry pageFashion Jewelry
Image link for Wendy Gell's Bridal jewelry and Wedding accessories pageBridal Jewelry & Wedding Accessories
Image link for Wendy Gell's Tiaras pageTiaras

If you are interested in a particular piece, please contact me at for additional images so you can see all the details. If you'd like to explore my old website, CLICK HERE.

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