New Jewelry by Wendy Gell

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Bridal Cuff Bracelet
Sparkling Bridal Cuff bracelet by Wendy Gell

Getting married or looking for a spectacular gift for someone who is? I recently made this ornate cuff bracelet for a bride in New York and she was ecstatic when she received it! You can order a one of a kind cuff similar to this for your own beloved bride-to-beā€”just keep in mind that no two will be alike.

"Crystal Waves" Cuff Bracelet
Crystal Waves Cuff bracelet by Wendy Gell

This unusual cuff is waves of rhinestone chain with cutouts in the center. It has one inch emerald-cut Swarovski AB and crystal stones and light blue and lavender teardrop stones. A stunning piece.


Golden Magic Lizard Cuff Bracelet
Golden Magic Lizard Cuff bracelet by Wendy Gell

A four inch cuff from Wendy's vintage 1980's private collection. The magical lizard is by a Chanel rose and a large oxidized paved leaf. There's a huge Swarovski lavender stone and a star and a moon in Gold. It is signed and dated Wendy Gell 1986 with spectacular finishing.


Jeweled Flower Garden Cuff Bracelet
Jeweled Flower Garden Cuff bracelet by Wendy Gell

Green and blue flowers shine in a pink Swarovski field with tiny finishing pearls in colors. Made on a 2 inch cuff signed by Wendy.


Hula Girl Cuff Bracelet
Hula Girl Cuff bracelet by Wendy Gell

This fun Pop Art Cuff has a vintage hula girl near a porcelain flower bejeweled with Swarovski stones. An enamel bee visits. Made on a tapered 1 1/2 inch brass cuff signed by Wendy.


Parrot Cuff Bracelet
Parrot Cuff bracelet by Wendy Gell

This Parrot, paved with colorful Swarovski stones, is a Wendy Gell brooch from the 1980's. This is an older vintage cuff. The yellow rose is surrounded by rare vintage Swarovski stones and AB glass leaves. It is finished with tiny pearls and signed and dated Wendy Gell 1985 on the back on a 2 inch brass base.


Mickey Mouse Cuff Bracelet
Mickey Mouse Cuff bracelet by Wendy Gell

Mickey Mouse is an enamel character with arms and legs that move. There is real liquid in the Coke bottle and a green rhinestone butterfly lands at the pop art scene.


Silver Mexican Pegasus Cuff Bracelet
Silver Mexican Pegasus Cuff Bracelet by Wendy Gell

This stunning wristy has a beautiful Mexican silver flying horse, a hamsa, an enormous hunk of turquoise and silver Milagros and Swarovski stones. On a 3 inch brass base, signed by Wendy.


Blue Chanel Chain Dangle Necklace
Blue Chanel Chain Dangle Necklace by Wendy Gell

Fun, wonderful Chanel chains dangle in blue and green and a green chandelier hang from this spectacular crescent necklace. There is an Adagio face peeking from the side.


Pink Rose with Baby Angel Necklace
Pink Rose with Baby Necklace by Wendy Gell

A pink porcelain rose makes a charming background for the vintage baby angel with hearts and flowers on this smaller scale crescent necklace.


Mickey Mouse Crescent Necklace
Mickey Mouse Crescent Necklace by Wendy Gell

This adorable Mickey Mouse necklace is surrounded by Swarovski stones. There is a star and hearts in a bold red, white and blue color scheme. On a brass crescent necklace signed on the back by Wendy.


Hummingbird Barrette
Hummingbird Barrette by Wendy Gell

A rhinestone hummingbird adorns this barrette with vintage stones, flowers and leaves. 3 inches long, not too heavy.


Pair of Pearl and Crystal Barrettes
Pearl and Crystal Pair of Barrettes by Wendy Gell

These were made as a gift for Judy Collins, given to her by one of her fans. They are different colors of cream and white pearls, 2 inches across.


Custom Goblets
Pair of Custom adorned goblets by Wendy Gell

These custom made goblets have always been popular, particularly to give as a one-of-a-kind wedding gift. Please contact me to order a pair of custom goblets or for any other custom orders at