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Oil Painting of Bob Dylan 2001

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Hottest July Ever
Oil painting with Concert Poster
"Paul Simon + Bob Dylan In Concert Madison Square Garden"
with the two wonderful deco trains. The New York Daily News front page HOTTEST JULY EVER and a great newsprint picture of Bob smiling behind his hand., I painted a cute angel with wings hovering above a small boat coming out behind the trains. Seems like I have been waiting for this day for a long time I thought at the concert . Bob comes around here around twice a year and it's a long time between concerts.
"I and I-In Creation where one's nature neither honors nor forgives.
I and I-One says to the other, no man sees my face and lives.
Outside of two men on a train platform there's nobody in sight,
They're waiting for Spring to come smoking down the track
The world could come to an end tonight, but that's all right.
She should still be there sleeping when I get back.."


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American Visions

TIME Magazine Cover Collage
"What America's greatest art reveals about our national character ."
Bob's picture from Live 1966 Albert Hall CD .Flgs and Pop icons.THe big picture is from the latest tour.
Written lines from Peter and Wendy from the CD of the Yale Musical by John Cunningham
"Only he had no mother, he had not the slightest desire to have one. He thought them very overrated persons. Wendy however felt in the presence of a tragedy. She sewed his shadow back on for him"
"Oh Peter" said Wendy I know lots of stories"
"DON'T YOU DARE MISS IT " shout words across the room.

24 by 31 inches

". . .some day everything's gonna be different when I paint my masterpiece."


When I knew I was going to sell at the New Port Folk Festival

I turned some of the dogs into muscians.


One of my favorites is Lola The lead singer of the LLamas.

American Mona Lisa
The reason for her secret smile is revealed as Mona covers her wristy and jewels flow out from behind her fingers .A big angel smiles over her shoulder The flag in jewels and pearls above her head in a black glitter sky. where a rhinestone airplane flies A Polaroid picture of the picture it self is under the frame and with  a comic book bubble Mona says "What's up doc?" Lots of stuff Lots of stones. 19" x 44"
Order# A0816A03

Ramona Oil painting on canvas $450

I and I Creation

Oil painting from 1974 (In th collection of the artist.)




Absolutely Sweet Marie
25" tall. "Why does he always open with a song about me," she says, in her faded lace, dripping with flowers and pearls. Her hair - daisies among the dreadlocks, her crown, swarovski crystals in a tilted tiara. Handsful of jewels replace her dreams. "To live outside the law you must be honest." Old composition doll, fully jointed.

on sale $500

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Scene at home, a crystal, a wrsity cuff and Bob at NewPort

$450 Milagro

Spanish is a loving tongue.



Jeweled Shoe made for Charles Jourdan window 1980-$500

Bob so young on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post

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Byzantine Mosaic
Jeweled panel based on a Byzantine mosaic from Church of St. Sofia. Ruby jewel hair, rose quartz flesh, cloak of mirrors, gold and lapis book, halo of luminous Swarovski crystals. Finshed wrap-around edges. On wood, 16" x 26", 1998


Miss America

Her face is old composition, cracking in the most charming way. Her dress is made from an embroidery found in the flea market that must have been made during the war." My love for you is ever true" with the American flag She has a Broadway dancer's feather and some tinsel hair as well as red and white feather coat trim. Lots of collectible antique jewelry adorns her headdress and costume, she is resplendent in jewels. 33"
Order# A0816A15

http://www.wendygell.com/wendylan/clownhusb.jpg (7764 bytes)
Clown Husband

Crackly clown face of papier mache', probably from the 40's, with magic marble eyes, his costume is a cut up 40's sequin dress and long purple curly fur. Antique American flag pins fly above mounds of gold swirls and rubies. He wears red chanel chains, Leopard leggings and has a good sense of humor. Incredible intricate tiny leather shoes with rhinestone detailing and metal cleats. Great dancer! 28 inches. Purple tinsel hair pours from under his Moroccan hat of beads and sequins. Gold star and Flag atop.
Order# A0816A16


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